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Vanguard Dori Cordless Polisher on mõeldud kiireks auto vahatamiseks. Kaasas 2 akut. Garantii poleerijal 1 aasta , akude garantii 3 kuud. Lisandub saatekulu

Product Code: KT-W
Voltage: Lithium battery 12V / working 5A electric current
Product Weight: 1.1 KG
Body Size: 230x120x125 (mm)
Diameter Track: 4 mm
Product Speed: [Highest Speed] 5000 rpm/MIN
[Lowest Speed] 2500 rpm/MIN
Polishing Pad Size: 5 “(Ø125mm)
Battery Charger: CK-CDQ1225
Input Voltage: AC 110~240V / 50-60Hz / 50W
Output Power: DC 12V / 2.4A
Battery Specification Capacity: CK-DCB1221 / DC 12V-2000mAh
Contents: KT-W DORI CORDLESS Polisher machine, Toolbox, Charging Stand, Lithium Battery X2 and Waxing Sponge Pad
Warranty: 1 year for the body & 3 months for the battery